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New England Climate Query

Welcome to the New England Climate Portal. The portal allows users to ask questions about recent and historical climate within the 6 New England states. Users specify the type of information they would like to see by choosing options from drop down menus. The Portal converts these selections to an SQL query and retrieves the subset of data from the database. Data is from the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

To view a list of stations, click here. Each station has information about location, time period of record and which of the 5 primary measurements (see step one) are present at that station.

Step 1. Choose the parameter of interest. (More Info)

Step 2. Choose a query (More Info)

Step 3. Select timespan(More Info)
Due to the length of the historical record, you must use a four digit year. Format: MM/DD/YYYY
Start:      End:   

Step 4. Limit timespan to the following (More Info)
Seasons: Months:

Step 5. Limit geographic extent (More Info)

Step 6. Group results by geographic unit (More Info)

Step 7. Select calculation (More Info)

Step 8. Select result output format (More Info)

Step 7. Group results by time unit (More Info)

Step 8. Choose conditions for event (More Info)
  Equality operator

Step 9. Select result output format (More Info)

Step 4. Select states and/or stations (More Info)